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K. Elizabeth Cargiulo is an author who grew up on a steady diet of fairytales, sugar cookies, and sarcasm. As she progressed she traded the sugar cookies for too much coffee, and the fairytales her mother once read to her as a child were replaced in her mind by the vivid images of her own novels. Cargiulo has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Professional Communication, as well as a Master of Arts Degree in Adult Education. 


She currently resides in a little suburban town with her husband, where she spends her time consistently coming up with household projects that need to be done, chasing after her two Sphynx cats Leo and Michaelangelo, and taking her dogs Zero and Falkor, on walks to discover inspirational outdoor destinations. 



While the official "author bio" is great for the back of the book it is a little too generic for my liking. So here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I am a huge fan of  everything pop culture orientated. I am interested in just about everything including but not limited to Anime, Manga, reading comics (both DC, Marvel, and independent/small publishers), Disney, Tim Burton, and while I do not cosplay I am absolutely fascinated by an individual's ability to bring characters to life. My interests change from day to day but I will read or watch anything once in order to at least be able to say I tried it.

  • Alternative/punk rock music is my go-to, but I do listen to just about everything, except Polka.

  • I attend several comic conventions every year mostly in the Midwest.

  • I love animals, typically more than humans.

For more completely unnecessary information on me feel free to check out my blog.



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