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ISBN: 978-1-60975-137-1

Published By: Silver Leaf Books, LLC

September 2016

When sixteen-year-old Jade Fayette was brought to Evahlyna's School for the Gifted and Talented, after being orphaned at a young age, she thought her whirlwind of an existence would finally come to a screeching halt. Even though the school's main requirement for entry is basically being a juvenile delinquent, Jade attempts to remain positive. She settles in to her class schedule, flashes her innocent smile at her teachers while batting her eyelashes to maintain her grades, and causes a little trouble here and there to keep life interesting. Jade even manages to meet Benjamin Tran, a genius that doubles as her best friend. They pass the dreary time within the school walls by computer hacking, reading comics, and playing too many video games.


Just when everything seems to be going perfectly, students begin disappearing from the school in the dead of the night, never to be heard from again. One evening, Jade hears an eerily beautiful song played upon a fiddle drifting through the looming trees outside the iron gates of the school. She can't help but feel a haunting and insistent pull from the tune. When she follows the call of the music she discovers that the students are being hypnotized by the sorrowful song and lead off into the night by stout hairy faerie men called Brownies. Shocked and horrified by what she discovers, Jade literally falls into the arms of Christopher Knight, a man who is as mysterious and intriguing as he is ruggedly handsome. Jade, determined to discover his connection to the disappearances, convinces Christopher to reveal that a centuries old war between the ruling sisters of the faerie realm, the Seelie Queen, Divanyah, and the Unseelie Queen, Sylestiana are to blame. Jade isn't sure if he is insane, or if he makes perfect sense.


Within two days of meeting Christopher, Jade and Benjamin are thrust into the nebulous, gritty, and treacherous world of the Fey. Trying to navigate through otherworldly politics and mysticism, while staying true to their friendship proves to be nearly impossible as Jade discovers that she belongs more in the faerie realm than she ever could have dreamed. Meanwhile, Benjamin struggles to come to terms with the knowledge that Jade's unrequited love has found a new avenue in Christopher.


Sylestiana, hell-bent on punishing her sister, and taking control of the faerie realm in order to unleash her evil faeries on the unsuspecting mortal world plays the enchanting song that attracts the desperate youth to her intoxicating faerie dance. Once the young mortals step into her clutches they are turned into golden soldiers who become mindless minions within her army. With Sylestiana growing ever stronger, and Divanyah moving Jade, Benjamin, and Christopher against her sister like pieces on a chessboard, it becomes clear that Christopher's dark past may hold the key to defeating Sylestiana, saving both realms and finding their salvation.


With love, deception, and power swirling all around them it is up to Christopher, Jade, and Benjamin, the three most unlikely heroes to prevent a faerie war, or else face the wrath of not only Sylestiana, but the spurned Divanyah. Dancing with Fey follows Christopher, Jade, and Benjamin on a journey toward destiny.



K. Elizabeth Cargiulo's debut novel, Dancing with Fey, is available digitally and in print wherever books are sold. 

K. Elizabeth Cargiulo Author Photo
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