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Lotusfly Photography

Shawna of Lotusfly Photography has been a friend of mine for several years and has the ability to capture beautiful images. She has been gracious and patient enough to photograph my wedding, college graduation, put up with my mother and I during mother/daughter photos, and of course plan a few photo shoots for fun! The photos featured on this site, as well as my author photos were taken by Shawna. To contact Shawna regarding her services visit her website by clicking here.

Kasey Lovicott

Kasey and I both attended the same college. I was able to see some of Kasey's spectacular artwork while we were in college. We even collaborated on a Manga style short story together for the online literary magazine Alverno Ink. I knew when Dancing with Fey was in the works that I wanted to collaborate with Kasey again. We subsequently collaborated again on the artwork for Creatures of Change. I absolutely love, and am so thankful for, the art that Kasey brings to life.  To see more of Kasey's work or get commission estimates please click here.

K. Elizabeth Cargiulo Author Photo
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