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Updated: Oct 17, 2020


As you are all well aware at this point I am a huge Sailor Moon fan. When I caught word of the SAILOR MOON X COLOURPOP collection I couldn’t resist purchasing a few items. I figured it was a 50/50 chance I would like the makeup, and if nothing else these are some fun little collector items to add to my Sailor Moon stockpile!

Unfortunately, this collection sold out super-fast!  I logged into the website on February 20th, 2020 and within minutes items were selling out! It took me several tries to be able to checkout via Paypal with the couple items I did manage to get into my cart.

The total collection consists of:

-Pretty Guardian eyeshadow palette - $20.00

-Two lip bundles, called Daylight and Moonlight - $15.00

-Four different lip glosses, called Usagi, Bun Head, Sailor Moon and Moon Tiara - $8.00

-Two different blushes, called Cat's Eye and From The Moon -$12.00

-Two glitter gel pots, called Moonlight Legend and Moon Prism Powder - $9.00

-You can get the entire collection for $89.00 in a bundle (pictured above)

When all was said and done I was able to score the Pretty Guardian eyeshadow palette (x2), and a Usagi lip gloss.

I would like to note that I have NEVER purchased from ColourPop before. The brand is aimed at being professional, yet affordable makeup and has a lot of licenses with various large corporations, such as Disney. Apparently, I just like to blow money at Sephora more than I enjoying saving money, because despite my skepticism about purchasing from them I am actually really impressed.

The packaging for the Pretty Guardian eyeshadow pallet is very fun! The image of Usagi with her heart eyes in full force encompasses how she would look if she were about to pick up this pallet in the store. The image is actually a “moving” picture. When you move the pallet back and forth in your hand Usagi’s smile changes from small to wide. Inside of the pallet all of the shades remind you of those opening sequences of the anime, with each shade having a name reflective of various themes from the show. Names like Tuxedo Rose, Luna, and Silver Crystal are filled with nostalgia and a familiarity that brings you back to the characters and themes of the show. Each color is a highly pigmented reflection of the pinks, tans, yellows, and purples that popped so vividly on the television screen during our 90's childhoods.

The lip gloss I purchased called Usagi also has pretty holographic moons along the top of the application wand, and Sailor Moon scrawled across the base. The mauve, deep pink tone is a must have for running to the mall or a night out.

While I can’t attest yet to the quality of the lip gloss, what I can say is that I loved the pallet! I did a quick application of Tuxedo Rose (lid/crease) and Moonlight (highlights) to run to brunch with friends over the weekend and it came out lovely. I will say I had to blend quite a bit to get the desired soft look I was going for due to the shadows being so highly pigmented. Check out the photo below to see how it turned out! Please note I took the photo without my top lid liquid eyeliner on to show more of the pigment.


As a collector I bought two pallets one to try, and one to add to my collection. In the future if there is a re-release (most of the products are now sold out) I would absolutely recommend grabbing a piece from this collection! I know I myself, will be looking to purchase the entire bundle.

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a beauty blogger/reviewer/expert/etc. I just really love Sailor Moon so I thought I’d give this product a review! All images and products are protected under copyright by Colourpop.

Did you purchase any of the SAILOR MOON X COLOURPOP collection? If you did and want to share your thoughts sound off on Instagram @kelizabethbooks

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