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The Top Five Things I Like About Monster Hunter: World

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

ORIGINALLY POSTED: February 10, 2018

So this week I ran out and bought my copy of Monster Hunter: World for PS4. I’ll admit I was a little late to the party, but let's just say I was fashionably late. Why was I already a little behind on this game - well because Capcom has officially announced that this game is the fastest selling game in the entire history of the company! I honestly had no idea about this fact until after I picked up the game. Following my $59.99 purchase from GameStop I rushed home, opened the plastic selophane, and then commenced the download process. It was actually relatively quick!

Why did I give in and pay the steep price for this game? I loved Far Cry Primal. I didn’t so much enjoy Far Cry for the main story line, instead I enjoyed the open world concept and hunting whatever I could find out in the wild. Those wooly mammoths didn't stand a chance. I also adored Horizon Zero Dawn for similar reasons. Who doesn’t want to take their bad day out by kicking some machine ass? So to sum it up, I have never played a Monster Hunter game before. I am not some crazy huge fan of the franchise (although many people are), but I am a fan of the overall broad concepts that are boasted about in the commercials. Basically, I thought I would get a kick out of hunting and killing monsters. 

In short, I've been enjoying this game and here are the top five things I like about it.

 1) This game is simple! When you first boot up and get past the opening screen you create your own player. The graphics for your character are extremely detailed. You are able to choose every single aspect of your appearance down to the wrinkles on the character's face. I personally loved that I was able to have purple hair. Yes, this was a "girl" moment. After the creation of your character the game runs you through a quick tutorial. I did not time it, but if I had to guess I would say it lasted about 30-45 minutes (including the initial quest). A few minutes later you are free and in the field killing monsters, which is what we all came here for, right?

2) You are initially presented with a ton of gear and weapon choices. Of course, one of the objects of the game is to upgrade and craft these items to become more advanced, but on the flip side I was just happy not to have to scrounge around the game until I found a weapon that suited me. I was thrilled to not only get to pick my weapons, but also test them before going out into the field. I picked the dual blades. They are light, quick, and perfect for rushing in quick to stab your enemy and then dodging away. I'm not an expert with them, but they are fun to wield!

3) I have one word: Palico. Whoever thought of the idea of a Palico is literally a genius. I want to meet this person and shake their hand! Being able to have my own customized cat companion who not only looks really cool, but helps me in battle, is awesome. I do not know anyone who would ever say this is a bad idea! Make your Palico, befriend your Palico, upgrade your Palico's weapons and gear - this is my new mantra.


5) The online multiplayer portion of the game does not pit you against the other players, instead it asks you to cooperate with other players in order to take down monsters and complete expeditions or quests. There are a few different ways to go about this. You can either create a squad and complete an actual quest, or you can answer/send an SOS in an expedition. I won't go into too many details here, but the point is Monster Hunter: World and it's creators have fostered an environment of cooperation between gamers - not competition - which is rare these days. 

I decided to pick up this game on a whim, and now I can not stop playing it! I don't have a rating system, because I'm not an expert gamer. I am a hobby gamer who is really just in it to have some fun. In my humble opinion Monster Hunter: World is worth giving a chance. I look forward to seeing all of you in the field. Happy hunting.


***DISCLAIMER: I do not represent Capcom, nor did I receive any type of compensation for writing this commentary. All images associated with Monster Hunter: World are a trademark of Capcom. I am just a woman who likes games. 

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